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Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Do you feel like your energy bill is a lot higher than it should be? Is air leaking through your windows or doors and causing hot and cold drafts? Have your windows become tough to open or is there an unsightly fogging between the panes of glass?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to replace your windows. If your home was built more than 20 years ago, your house most likely has single-pane windows constructed of wood or aluminum. Old wood or aluminum windows are far from being efficient, and in effect will eventually cause the problems mentioned above. If your home was built within the last 20 years, chances are your windows are probably constructed entirely of vinyl. Vinyl windows usually start to fail between the 5 and 10-year mark, and they will also cause the same issues mentioned above.

The thought of window replacement scares many homeowners from a cost perspective. The truth of the matter is that window replacement is a great investment in your home and there are several reasons you shouldn’t postpone making the move to replace yours in the near future.

Here are our top reasons you should consider replacing your windows and doors:

Energy Bill Savings

Your outdated single-pane windows are nowhere near being as energy-efficient as the windows out on the market today. The less efficient your windows and doors are, the harder your heater and air conditioner has to work.

Purchasing ENERGY STAR® branded products may make you eligible for ongoing government rebates and tax credits. Check with your tax professional to explore the available programs.

Replacing your current windows with Low-E (Low-Emissivity) insulating, double- or triple-pane glass will make a big improvement to your energy bills.

Performance Factor

If your windows are fogging or leaking heat and cold air, your windows aren’t performing as they should.

New high-performance windows will make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable no matter what time of year it is. High-performance windows will keep the glass from conducting heat or cold, keeping the outside temperatures out and the inside temperatures in.

UV Damage

If your carpets, hardwood floors, curtains or furniture is fading, your current windows aren’t reflecting the sun’s powerful UV rays. Protect your investments from being destroyed by replacing your windows.


If your windows are tough to open or won’t open at all, your family’s safety is at risk. In the event of a fire, every minute counts. Your family needs an easy and safe route of escape in the event that doorways are obstructed by fire.

New windows and doors open and close easily, giving your family members the dependable means of escape they deserve in the event of an emergency.


Maintaining old windows can be inconvenient and time consuming. Exterior trim can require regular cleaning and painting. Replacement parts are often impossible to find and opening and closing of the windows is difficult making cleaning a nightmare.

New windows are less likely to need replacement parts and in the event they do, you can easily find replacement parts online for quality windows. Opening and closing is a breeze and most new windows are designed to allow you to clean the exterior facing glass from inside your home.


It is amazing what nice windows can do to a home. A high quality window can add character to both the outside and inside of your home, enhancing you home’s quality and curb appeal. Say goodbye to water stains and deteriorating window frames. Most high quality windows on the market today are virtually maintenance free, affording your home year round beauty.


Purchasing new windows is a big commitment but with that commitment come big rewards. The building materials market is flooded with window manufacturers, many offering brand new windows for as little as $150 per window, installed. Don’t make the mistake of replacing your failing windows with a newer but equally inferior product. You will regret the mistake in only a few years and the cost to upgrade to a high-quality, energy efficient window now is a lot less costly than replacing your windows again in another five to ten years.

So what windows should you buy?

As a professional general contractor, we highly recommend the Andersen® 400 Series line of Windows and here’s why:

Andersen® 400 Series Window Features:

•   Real Wood Frame
•   Vinyl-Coated, Maintenance Free Exterior
•   ENERGY STAR® Certified
•   High-Performance™ Low-E4®
•   Owner-2-Owner® 20/10-Year Limited Warranty

Feel free to contact us to discuss your window replacement project.

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